In Numazu and the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture including around Izu and Fuji,
we have lived close to nature for generations with abundant resources from the mountains and seas. Not only in the richness,
but also we’ve lived through the harsh nature by adjusting our lifestyles.

Eating is directly linked to life activities, and culture and art are born only when eating is enough.
In Izu, there are many cultural arts, traditions, arts and people’s lives in different areas.

We are approaching the time to review our living environment on this planet.
Everyone need to think about a sustainable living that is full of diversity and has less environmental impact. We are in the process of transition from quantitative growth to qualitative maturity, in the time that we must make a change. It is important to remember once again the idea of ​​”Thank you for the blessings of nature” and “Mottainai”.

There are plenty of predecessor tips in this area that trigger this thought.
We believe that a better future awaits if we can connect each point with an old and new vehicle called an “environmentally friendly bicycle”.