"Ajii no Hakobune” (Ark of taste) with a millennium history
Traditional Shiokatsuo(salted bonito) tour

The Nishiizu Tago area has a history of bonito processing
that is said to extend to more than 1,300 years.

Shio-Katsuo is still manufacturedby using
the traditional hand-made method since the Edo period.

In the fisherman's town that preserves tradition,
you will be able to experience warmth and culture.
The setting sun, which is said to be the best in Japan,
softly wraps the end of the day in the town.




Start Dogashima (Sehama coast free parking lot)

You will have traditional bonito dishes at Dogashima Shokudo.
Eat until you’re 80% full is recommended in preparation for a difficult early climb.

Sanshiro Island, consisting of three islands, Elephant Island, Nakano Island and Takashima Island, is a mysterious island where the difference in sea tides causes a continuation of land and land. The sea breeze cuts along the beautiful white rocky shore, overlooking Tombolo phenomenon.


Tago Port Area

You can see a unique landscape with many reefs created by the eruptions of submarine volcanoes in Tago Bay.

During the fishing season you can see lively landings.


Kanesa Katsuobushi Store

The volcano hand method, which is now called the phantom manufacturing method.

The manufacture with over 130 years of experience producing products that make use of unique traditional methods, such as the historical Takobushi and salted and smoked bonito products,.

* If you wish to visit, reservation is required.


Take a stroll to the Arari Port area


Take a break at Fisherman’s Town Cafe

There are nostalgic coffee shops and Nagomi cafes around Arari and Tago Port. Meeting and chatting with the locals is the real pleasure of traveling.


Dogashima (Sehama coast free parking) goal

Another recommendation in this area is “sunset”.

There is also a natural hot spring where you can enjoy while watching the fantastic sunset.
(Sunset 16: 30-18: 50)

Nohaku Rider management team is planning more farm stay experience courses in Numazu, where we live,
and in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture, including around Izu and Fuji.
It will be posted on the site at any time, so please stay tuned.