The Rich Blessings of Nishiizu
Sacred place of “Tokoroten”

During spring to early summer, Tengusa(Agar weed) harvesting and sun-drying are particularly popular.
You can see the red carpet on the shore of Nishiizu Yagisawa.

Tengusa caught by professional female divers, is know for the quality Yagisawa Herb brand.
They are very fine, sticky, chewy, and have a strong aroma and sweetness.




Start Matsubara Park
(Please use the city-run parking lot next to)

In the fishing season, the coast is dyed red with Tengusa, and in other seasons you can take a stroll in the peaceful Yagisawa area where sunflowers and lotus flower fields spread.


Izu no Tokoroten Moritaya

Moritaya, which uses almost 100% of Yagisawa Tengusa, is made using a process that does not dilute the extract at all. It has twice or three times the thickness and chewy that can be bow-knotted with ocean aroma. A moment when you meet the essence of Tokoroten

☆ Optional For those who can afford time and those who are confident in physical strength (1.5 hours round trip)

Toi Sakura (Satoyamaen Basement), Toi Daruma Temple, Lover’s Cape

The early blooming Toi Sakura will be in full bloom in January.
Cycling while dyeing pink here and there is exciting.

It is said that at Daruma Temple, which is famous as a power spot, a wish can be fulfilled by writing a wish on a good luck bill and pasting it on a five-colored wish.


Nishiizu, seafood lunch (Restaurant Sakura)

You can enjoy seasonal seafood unique in Nishiizu.

Seashell called “Ikko” in the local area that only appears in early summer as well as Shittaka boiled in salt water are exquisite.


Anrakuji Mabuyu

There is the hot spring birthplace called “Mabuyu” at the back of the precincts. It is said that the hot spring gushing out of the mine during the mining of Kanayama as a priest wished for healing sickness. The sick was recovered when bathed. “Mab” is a precinct and also known as “Io-Izumi”, “Kozan-no-Yu”, and “Sankin-bath”. It is a hot spring where many people bathed in the past in search of medicinal properties.


Ichirakusan Seiunji Temple

Seiunji is also the temple of the Toi Castle owner, Tominagayama during the Odawara Hojo era. You can see a very valuable cultural property of Nichiren saint. The cedar boards (90 sheets) of the size of a tatami mat are painted with rock and shell powder so that they can be seen as they were without fading.


Matsubara Park goal

Before returning home, be sure to stop by Toi’s natural hot spring, which is renowned as a long-lived hot spring found during cycling.

Nohaku Rider management team is planning more farm stay experience courses in Numazu, where we live,
and in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture, including around Izu and Fuji.
It will be posted on the site at any time, so please stay tuned.