Enjoy real Wasabi grown in clear water
Original landscape course in Japan

The Kano River, flows northward to the Izu Peninsula nurture abundant water and many lives.

One of blessings is the high quality wasabi from Amagi.
Traditional wasabi grown by the method called Tatami-Ishi-shiki, utilizing the slopes
and deep valleys formed by the volcano has been carefully inherited by locals.




Amagi Yugashima (Amagi Kaikan) start

Free parking lot and start riding.
There is a tourist information center, which is convenient as a tourist base in the Izu Amagi area.


Namesawa Valley and Taro Cedar

The Namesawa valley, wrapped in deep forest, is a smooth monolith made of lava flowing in the valley.
The surface is engraved with beautiful joints, and the hard lava is polished by flowing water over a long period of time.

A must-see spot in the autumn leaves season.

In Wasabi fields scattered around the valley, small white flowers bloom once a year in lush wasabi leaves.
The flavor of spiciness in wasabi is exquisite.


Wasabi harvest experience (Michino-eki “Amagigoe”)

Amagi Wasabi, an aromatic specialty product raised in the clear stream and rich soil.

Under what circumstances will Amagi’s treasure grow?
You can experience it by the temperature of water and clear air.
*Reservation required. Depending on the situation, it may not be possible to harvest wasabi.

Be sure to try the Shiitake croquette at “Takenoko(bamboo shoot) Mom’s Shop” right next to the Michino-eki.


Amagi’s famous waterfall “ Joren Falls ”

The waterfall is a famous waterfall that has a legend that the incarnation of the spider live there.

It is a hot summer fun to get cool with negative ions and mineral-rich mist.


Lunch with Wasabi dishes (Amago Jaya)

Enjoy a wasabi dish that has been loved locally since ancient times, such as wasabi bowls and wasabi pots, at a restaurant directly managed by the producer of Amago aquaculture and Wasabi cultivation.


Ride on Yugashima

Yugashima area is the setting place for the masterpiece “Shirobanba” written by Yasushi Inoue.
A nostalgic stroll ride in the original landscape of Japan, where you can think of the story and meet a unique komainu at Amagi Shrine.

You can get a glimpse of the respectful living of the countryside, which can be said to be the original landscape of Japan.


Amagi Yugashima (Amagi Kaikan) Goal

Before returning home, be sure to stop by the soft natural hot springs of Yugashima that you found during cycling.

Nohaku Rider management team is planning more farm stay experience courses in Numazu, where we live,
and in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture, including around Izu and Fuji.
It will be posted on the site at any time, so please stay tuned.